To login successfully through Mobile for Jira, you need to follow the below steps

Login Steps

Internet connection configuration:

  1. Make sure that you're connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.
  2. If your Jira instance is not published to the public, make sure to connect to your company's network. (Try your phone browser to be sure that you're able to reach your Jira instance).
  3. If your company's network had a Proxy or any Certificate authority, please liaise with your IT admin to apply the needed configuration on your device.
  4. If your company's network needs any VPN configuration, please liaise with your IT Admin to share with your the needed configuration.

Login through BASIC:

  1. Click on the BASIC label.
  2. Enter your site URL that could be for example:
    1. You can copy/paste the URL displayed in your browser for example in our case it is
    2. You can enter your base URL as or
    3. Your site might contain context path so you need to enter it as or
    4. If your instance is an Atlassian Cloud you can enter the URL as
  3. Click on validate URL when it's validated the username and password field will revield.
  4. Enter your username and password that you usually used in your Jira site.

Login through Cloud instances:

As for the changes made by Atlassian on the login methodology to support GDPR technology we offer w new way to login through cloud instances to comply our self to the new changes, please follow the below steps:

  1. At first, enter your cloud instance base URL and then hit the validate URL button.
  2. A pop-up dialogue mentioning to generate an API token will be prompt with 2 options "Cancel" and "generate a token". hit "generate a token" option to generate a new token and in case you have one just hit cancel.
  3. Select the browser you want it will ask you to login with your Atlassian credentials and when you log in you'll be redirected to Atlassian token manager.
  4. Hit create API token set a name for it then copies it (it's better to save this token inside memo or note application since you'll need it later in case you've logged out and need to log in again).
  5. And all you need to do is to return to the app, paste the API token inside the field asking for API token enter your email and you're there.

Login through SSO:

  1. Click on SSO label, username and password fields will disappear.
  2. Copy the link that you usually used to login to your instance from the web browser and paste it in URL field.
  3. Click login, you'll be redirected to your instance to login (This procedure may take a few minutes for your site to load).

SSO is implemented to support single-sign-on login such as ADFS, OKTA, OneLogin.

If you're still not able to login after these steps, kindly click on *Not able to login!, click to send log file*  from Mobile for Jira login screen, and please make sure that there is a file attached to be able to troubleshoot.

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