KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-583New FeatureMediumAdd Export to Word on Case module.Now you can export your Case information to a Word file and save it on your folders.Tested2013-10-262013-11-15
BMCMS-646ImprovementMediumTechnical: Change the Database folder name for the release v3.1.4.Technical: Rename the release v3.1.4 database folder by v3.2 in Core and Money.Tested2013-11-142013-11-15
BMCMS-645ImprovementMediumTechnical: Enhance the Arabic Sample Data Script in Money module.Technical: Enhance the Arabic Sample Data Script in Money module by replace:
Bill to = ??????
P.O# = ??? ??????.
BMCMS-643ImprovementMediumImprove the French Language.Improve the French Language by replace "Cas" by "Dossier"
and "Cas Assigné à toi" by "Dossier qui vous a été assigné" on all forms.
BMCMS-642ImprovementMediumTechnical: Set the number of parallel Uploaded files to 5 instead of 2.Technical: The number of parallel Uploaded files is 5 now instead of 2.Tested2013-11-122013-11-15
BMCMS-640ImprovementMediumAdd Ms-Sql installation scripts to App4Legal.App4Legal is available now with Ms-Sql.Tested2013-11-082013-11-15
BMCMS-639ImprovementMediumEnhance Reports in Money module.Enhance Reports in Money module by adding "From Date" & "To Date" to Trial Balance & Balance Sheet Reports in Money:
By default:
  • From Date is the first day of the current year 
  • To Date = Current Server Date.
BMCMS-637ImprovementMediumMinor enhancement in "Account Statement" Report.Replace "Entity info" by "Organization Info in Account Statement Report.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-634ImprovementMediumEnhance the application to accept more extension Files on Related Documents.Now you can upload at any time the FLV(flash video) & the AVI extensions on your Related Documents on all Objects (i.e.Company / Case / Contact / IDocs) with all browsers.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-632ImprovementMediumDisplay the Invoice Status in the Invoice Edit Form.Display the Invoice Status in the Invoice Edit Form.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-626ImprovementLowEnhance the Reports of Chart of Accounts.
  • Chart of Accounts is now sorted ascending by Account Name. 
  • Chart of Accounts is now located on Reports & under the Accountant menu. 
BMCMS-622ImprovementHighEnhance the Log Time.Add a "Date" field to the Log Time on Case form, Task form, Time Tracking form and grid (in Money module & Core), Advanced Search and Export to Excel in order to specify the Date.Tested2013-11-052013-11-15
BMCMS-618ImprovementMediumEnhance the format of Invoice Number generation.

Follow the enhancement in the Invoice Number:
* The automatic Invoice number should be 7 digits.
* Now you have possibility to put a manual Unique Invoice Number.
* The Format becomes:

  • 4 digits as Prefix
  • 7 digits as Reference Number 
  • 15 digits as Suffix(i.e. INV-1234567-121314151617189).
BMCMS-609ImprovementMediumImprove App4Legal Credits: About App4Legal link.Add the new libraries used into App4Legal to "About App4Legal " link.Tested2013-10-312013-11-15
BMCMS-607ImprovementMediumAdd two Custom fields on Contact Add form.You can now fill directly two custom fields on Add Contact (popup & form).Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-606ImprovementMediumEnhance the Court Litigation form.Now you can add on the fly a new: Court Type, Court Degree, Court Regions and Court from the Court form under a Litigation Case by the Hyperlink "Add".Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-603ImprovementMediumEnhance Export to PDF on Core.Now Export to PDF is available on Core not only on Money module.Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-598ImprovementMediumEnhance the Change Password function.Add field called "Old Password" to Change Password form.Tested2013-10-282013-11-15
BMCMS-548ImprovementMediumEnhance more extensions on Upload file for all Related Documents.Now you can upload the eml, bmp and vcf extensions in all Related Documents on all Objetcs(i.e. Company, Case, Task) and on Idocs.Tested2013-10-072013-11-15
BMCMS-625ImprovementMediumHide Document Statuses and Document Types from User Group Permissions and System Default Values.Document Statuses and Document Types from User Group Permissions and System Default Values are hided now.Tested2013-11-062013-11-15
BMCMS-623ImprovementMediumIncrease Max Post of Data in PHP.Now you can upload files with 50M instead of 8M.Tested2013-11-052013-11-15
BMCMS-604ImprovementMediumAdd "Case Subject & Created On/By" on Add Reminder form and grid.Case Subject & Created On/By columns are available on Add Reminder form, grid and export to Excel.Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-644BugMediumFix Ms-Sql in Money module and some Reports.
  • Edit Invoice Payment and Bill Payment are fixed now with Ms-Sql.
  • Balance sheet & Trial Balance Reports are fixed now with Ms-Sql.
BMCMS-641BugMediumFix the Expense status (i.e. Internal, Billable, Non-Billable) when the user add a Client on the fly.Now after recording a new Expense and add a new Client on the fly from the form, the status Billable or Non-Billable work properly.Tested2013-11-112013-11-15
BMCMS-638BugCriticalFix the Rename action of Files and Folders online.If you use App4Legal online now you can at any time Rename your Files and Folders.Tested2013-11-082013-11-15
BMCMS-636BugMediumFix fetching the local Amount instead of foreign Account in Chart of Accounts.The application now fetch properly the local Amounts in the Chart of Accounts Reports.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-635BugMediumFix the Note Description in Invoice form.Invoice form fetch now properly the Note Description.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-633BugMediumFix the Amount in Bill Payment form when the User select multi Currency.Now you can pay your Amount of Bill Payment with a multi Currency, it work properly.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-631BugMediumFix export to PDF in Invoice when it contain an Arabic Text.Now you can export your Invoice written in Arabic Language to PDF.Tested2013-11-072013-11-15
BMCMS-630BugMediumFix Time Tracking and Invoice Statuses when the user select multi Accounts Currencies.Time Tracking and Invoice Statuses work properly now with a multi Accounts Currencies selected from you.Tested2013-11-062013-11-15
BMCMS-629BugMediumFix Expense and Invoice Statuses when the user select multi Accounts Currencies.Expense and Invoice Statuses work properly now with a multi Accounts Currencies selected by you.Tested2013-11-062013-11-15
BMCMS-628BugMediumFix the Download Attachment from Invoice Payment.Download Attachment from Invoice Payment is fixed now.Tested2013-11-062013-11-15
BMCMS-627BugMediumFix Delete action for a Time Log related to an Invoice.Delete action for a Time Log related to an Invoice work properly now.Tested2013-11-062013-11-15
BMCMS-619BugMediumFix export Invoice to PDF to take into consideration the Invoice Template Selected.Now export Invoice to PDF is fixed to take into consideration the Invoice Template Selected.Tested2013-11-042013-11-15
BMCMS-616BugMediumFix Edit Journal form.Edit Journal form work properly now.Tested2013-11-012013-11-15
BMCMS-615BugMediumFix Reset action on New Juristic Contact form.Reset action on New Juristic Contact form is fixed now.Tested2013-11-012013-11-15
BMCMS-614BugHighValidate the Amount field to be two digits after decimal in all forms.The Amount field is two digits now in all Objects (i.e. Invoice, Invoice Payment, Bill, Bill payment, Expense).Tested2013-11-012013-11-15
BMCMS-613BugMediumFix the Permissions.Permissions work properly now.Tested2013-10-312013-11-15
BMCMS-612BugCriticalFix Edit Ratio in Invoice form.Edit Rate on Invoice is fixed now.Tested2013-10-312013-11-15
BMCMS-611BugMediumHide "Forgot your password" from Log-in Page."Forgot your password" Link from Log-in Page is hided now.Tested2013-10-312013-11-15
BMCMS-608BugMediumFix Universal Search to search Case URL's.Universal Search fetch properly now the Case URL's.Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-605BugMediumFix the Chosen Selected Item design in all forms.Chosen Selected Item design is fixed now in all forms.Tested2013-10-302013-11-15
BMCMS-602BugCriticalFix Invoice export to PDF action in Production.Invoice export to PDF action is fixed now in production.Tested2013-10-292013-11-15
BMCMS-600BugCriticalFix "Company Lawyer" field.Fetch Company Lawyer is fixed now.Tested2013-10-292013-11-15
BMCMS-592BugHighFix Money Module on Ms-Sql.Money Module work properly with Ms-Sql now.Tested2013-10-282013-11-15
BMCMS-585BugLowAdd Status field to the Company Advanced Search.The Company Advanced Search fetch now the Status field and set it By default as "Active".Tested2013-10-262013-11-15