KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-651ImprovementLowImprove Universal Search to fetch the External Reference.Universal Search fetch now the External Reference in Litigation Case.Merged2013-11-192013-11-19
BMCMS-654BugMediumFix Cases Per External Lawyer Per Status Report to take into consideration the Outsource to Lawyers in Case.Cases Per External Lawyer Per Status Report work properly now and take into consideration  the Outsourcing to Lawyers in Case.Merged2013-11-192013-11-19
BMCMS-653BugMediumHide Externalize to Lawyer from Case grid and Advanced Search.Externalize to Lawyer is hided now from Case grid and Advanced Search to redesign them in the next release.Merged2013-11-192013-11-19
BMCMS-652BugMediumFix the Transactions List on Accounts with Ms-Sql.The Transactions List on Accounts with Ms-Sql work properly now and the "Zoom In" action into Accounts grid list properly all results.Merged2013-11-192013-11-19
BMCMS-649BugMediumFix the Case Type on Convert to Litigation action.If the Case Type of Case converted to Litigation not exist into Litigation Case Type the system set the first Litigation Case Type in list by default.Merged2013-11-182013-11-19
BMCMS-648BugMediumFix the Upload Files in all Related Documents.Upload Files work properly now in all Objects.Merged2013-11-182013-11-19
BMCMS-647BugHighHide the Invoice Number Prefix from Edit Entity form.The Invoice Number Prefix is hided now from the Edit Entity form.Merged2013-11-142013-11-19