KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
LEG-379New FeatureMediumAdd Time Tracking KPI reports* This report gives the total number of hours per one User spent on a specific Case, Related Tasks on a Case, separate Tasks that are not related to any Cases.
* The filters are by User, Case, Task, and Date.
* The micro report is accessible from an action wheel that says "Show Details"
* The micro report contains:
User, Case, Task, Time Tracking Summary, Description, Billable Number of hours, Non-Billable Number of hours,User Rate/Hour, Billable Amount, Non-Billable Amount.
* The Total (per Case) is the multiplication of the number of hours and the User Rate per Hour.
* The Micro report displays all the Cases per user. Next to every Case is all its related Tasks and Time Tracking.
* The User Rate considers the rates insert in the Time Logs tab within the Case. If it's not inserted then it will consider the default rate.
* The User Rate per Hour should bring values from the Money module. If there isn't any value inserted for this specific user it should bring the default rate. The users that are chosen for this report are the ones that belong to the Users groups that are predefined in the Default Values. 
Merged8/8/2014 12:089/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1192ImprovementMediumAdd paging to Expenses list* Paging was added to Expenses ListMerged9/18/2015 11:339/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1167ImprovementMediumMoney transfer: display the balance of the selected accounts* Money transfer now displays the balance of the selected accounts.Merged9/16/2015 19:099/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1161ImprovementMediumFeedback message after adding a Task is wrong* It is now enhanced.Merged9/16/2015 16:089/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1129ImprovementMediumRe-order the tabs in Case form* Tabs are now reordered as per the importance.Merged9/15/2015 11:599/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1126ImprovementMediumAdd new Client Positions and Roles to the Sample data* New Client Positions and Roles of both Contacts and Companies to the Sample data are:
* Co-defendant, ?????? ???? ????? , co-accusé
* Co-plaintiff, ?????? ?????, {Co-demandeur
* Other Parties, ????? ??????, Autres Parties
Merged9/15/2015 10:009/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1123ImprovementMediumEdit Desc of Edit Reminder* It is now enhanced.Merged9/14/2015 17:299/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1122ImprovementLow* "Send notification by email"- remove unneeded capital letters* It is now enhanced.Merged9/14/2015 17:089/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1121ImprovementMediumJudgment Value and Recovered Value fields should not be present in the Add Form of Litigation Case* They are now removed.Merged9/14/2015 17:079/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1116ImprovementMediumEnhance the Paid Through Account translation in Ar* ??????? ?? ???? became ????? ?? ???? Merged9/11/2015 16:489/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1114ImprovementMediumEnhance the inline edit of the Time of the Event in Litigation Case* Time inline edit is now a drop-down list.Merged9/11/2015 14:289/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1111ImprovementMediumMerge the 2 permissions related to Edit Company* They are now merged.Merged9/11/2015 11:159/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1110ImprovementMediumSplit the Related Cases permission in the Cases section* They are now split.Merged9/11/2015 10:219/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1107ImprovementMediumEnhance Add Account permission in Record Expense* It is now enhanced.Merged9/10/2015 15:049/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1104ImprovementMediumEnhance the title of the tab of Juristic Contact* It is now enhanced.Merged9/10/2015 12:449/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1103ImprovementMediumEnhance navigation away from Reminder when data is not saved* In a Reminder form, fill some data, relate a Company to it, click goto link next to this Company, the system doesn't alert the user that there are unsaved data.
* It is now enhanced.
Merged9/10/2015 12:339/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1102ImprovementMediumCase Types should be arranged in alphabetical order* It is now enhanced.Merged9/10/2015 12:139/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1098ImprovementMediumKeep me signed in should be enabled by default* It is now enhanced.Merged9/9/2015 15:059/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1094ImprovementMediumAdd a tooltip to the User Rate per Hour grid when empty* A tool tip is added to the User Rate per Hour grid when empty in order to help the user to add the needed users to the grid.
** You can add the User Group(s) whose Users appear in the grid from the Money Settings-> Default Values -> User Rates
** ????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ????? ????? ?????????? ???????? ??? ?? ????? ?????????? ????? ????? ???????? ??? ????? ????????
** Vous pouvez ajouter le(s) Groupe(s) Utilisateur dont les Utilisateurs apparaissent dans les Paramètres argent->Valeurs par Défaut-> Tarifs Utilisateur group(s)
Merged9/9/2015 12:339/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1091ImprovementLowEnhance the columns of the Social Security Discharge report* It is now enhanced.Merged9/8/2015 15:209/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1088ImprovementHighEnhance the Discharge of Social Security Report* Enhanced the Discharge of Social Security Report by displaying only the latest expired date for each type record inserted with regard to a certain Company.Merged9/8/2015 13:449/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1077ImprovementMediumTranslate Record Expense to Ar & Fr* It is now enhanced.Merged9/4/2015 9:349/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1075ImprovementMediumJuristic Contacts links in Grid should be opened in separate page* Juristic Contacts links in Grid now opens in separate page.Merged9/3/2015 14:209/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1074ImprovementMediumImprove the Notification Alert Design* Improve the Notification Alert Design:
** Put close icon on the top right
** Re-design the position to start after the main navigation position
Merged9/3/2015 14:189/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1072ImprovementMediumEnhance Shares in Invoice form* Enhance Shares in Invoice form:
** Set labels in Partner and percentage fields.
** Calculate the amount of partner and add it beside the percentage field.
Merged9/3/2015 14:039/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1071ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Event Time field* It is now enhanced.Merged9/3/2015 13:589/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1070ImprovementMediumRemove Case Subject section under Case Tabs* It is now enhanced.Merged9/3/2015 13:529/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1038ImprovementMediumFix "Add" link in Expense Billing Form* It is now enhanced.Merged8/26/2015 12:179/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1036ImprovementMediumAdd close icon to shortName in Juristic Contact Form* Close icon is added to shortName in Juristic Contact Form.Merged8/26/2015 12:099/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1034ImprovementMediumChange task estimated effort format* The format is in hours only i.e integer
* Validation is added to this field
Merged8/26/2015 11:519/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1026ImprovementMediumAdd more colors to calendar* More colors are added.Merged8/25/2015 14:299/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1017ImprovementMediumAccess Denied in pop-ups* Now appears inside the window.Merged8/25/2015 11:159/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1016ImprovementMediumAdd Search Input to users grid* Search Input was added to Users grid.Merged8/24/2015 18:309/23/2015 12:30
LEG-994ImprovementMediumRename Major Parent in Company print form* Major Parent is Renamed to Company Container in Company print form.Merged8/18/2015 12:049/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1235BugMediumBug in the Paid On value when add a new Expense* Try to add new expense without passing a value for paidOn, a validation message doesn't appear and the Expense is saved with a Random paidOn value.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/23/2015 11:499/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1230BugMediumList My Reminders not returning results* It is now fixed.Merged9/22/2015 18:359/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1229BugMediumFix Lebanon sample data in SQL Server* It is now fixed.Merged9/22/2015 17:409/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1228BugMediumPHP error when adding exchange rate on an online instance* It is now fixed.Merged9/22/2015 17:029/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1224BugMediumCompany Reminders grid displays Reminders of other Companies* Company Reminders grid displays Reminders of other Companies
Steps to reproduce it:
1- There is Company "1", create another Company so that its name is a part of Company "1" name.
2- Add a Reminder and relate it to Company "1".
3- Go to the created Company and go to Advanced Search then click submit. * The Reminder of Company "1" is displayed also in the grid of the created Company. The solution is to search by "Company ID" and not "Company name" in the Advanced Search form. It is now fixed.
* Another enhancement is to disable the related Company operator or to display only one option which is: "Equal".
Merged9/22/2015 15:099/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1223BugMediumEdit a Reminder can't change Date and Time* It is now fixed.Merged9/22/2015 14:519/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1211BugMediumAdd Juristic Contact on the fly opens behind the Case add form* It is now fixed.Merged9/21/2015 17:019/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1210BugMediumPHP error when adding a new Default User Rate per hour to the Entity* It is now fixed.Merged9/21/2015 15:199/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1207BugMediumInternal Server error: add Juristic Contact on the fly from Case Add form* It is now fixed.Merged9/21/2015 14:279/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1201BugCriticalError in the Configuration page* Error in the Configuration page:
** There is an error message "Administration user is not Saved" when trying to finish the configuration process and there is only 53 tables inserted in the database.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/18/2015 17:599/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1200BugMediumFix the error message when the email address was invalid* Fix the error message when the email address was invalid:
** when trying to enter an email address not valid, the response are displayed as "Array"
** the solution is to display the error message as string "Email Address should be valid"
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/18/2015 17:329/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1199BugMediumError when adding invoice on cloud server* Error when adding invoice on cloud server:
** The Apache server display the PHP warnings, locally we cannot reproduce it useing Wamp.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/18/2015 16:469/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1195BugMediumFix the Arrow of the pagination in grids* It is now fixed.Merged9/18/2015 13:299/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1194BugMediumIE: in drop-down list of partners, can't use the scroll* It is now fixed.Merged9/18/2015 12:349/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1189BugMediumEdit Exchange rate in a form doesn't take action directly* Edit Exchange rate in a form doesn't take action directly unless the user refreshes the page.
* Solution: it should directly change the rate accordingly.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/18/2015 10:399/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1181BugMediumThe first user is not created as contact, but the other users are* It is now fixed.Merged9/17/2015 15:549/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1174BugMediumFreeze Task and Case Board Headers is not working* Freeze Task Board and Case Board Header when scroll down is not working.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/17/2015 12:459/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1168BugMediumIE: Can't drag the scroll in the drop-down in a pop-up window* Example: Can't drag the scroll in the drop-down of Type of Discharge. An error is attained: "Error
" " does not exist in the Database. You need to add it before saving the page."
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/17/2015 9:499/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1166BugMediumMoney transfer: should allow transfer from account even if the balance is negative* Money transfer now allows transfer from account even if the balance is negative.Merged9/16/2015 19:069/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1159BugMediumAdvanced Case Report: Search by "File/Ref #" leads to DB error* Go to Advanced Case Report, Click advanced search, fill "File/Ref #" field with any data (any data type), a DB Error will occur.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/16/2015 16:039/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1157BugMediumRemove default Title and Gender from Admin User Profile* Remove default Title and Gender from Admin User Profile:
** When creating new instance with default admin user, the system display:
*** Title: Mr / ?????
*** Gender: Male / ???
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/16/2015 15:049/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1156BugMediumIn Advanced Search forms, filling a dis-matched data type value for some fields leads to DB error* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 14:109/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1155BugMediumEstimated effort is not handled when sent as an empty string* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 13:169/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1154BugMediumThe arrows of the pagination in grids are flipped in Ar* The arrows of the pagination in grids are flipped in Ar.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/16/2015 12:269/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1153BugMediumFeedback message of Change Expense Status in Invoice appears twice* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 12:079/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1152BugMediumRecord Expense from Case, the form is slightly broken* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 11:529/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1148BugMediumTask form is broken in Fr* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 10:219/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1147BugMediumAdd new Reminder feedback message doesn't give the ID on mobile app* It is now fixed.Merged9/16/2015 10:079/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1144BugMediumColumns padding is shifted in Ar on Chrome* It is now fixed.Merged9/15/2015 15:469/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1128BugMediumExpense Category should be translated according to Money Languages* It is now fixed.Merged9/15/2015 11:449/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1120BugMediumSave a Task on an online instance gives error not found* It is now fixed.Merged9/14/2015 17:079/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1119BugMediumTask time logs button set position* In tasks grid, open the tasks dialog (add new task or edit an existing one), close the dialog and then try to log time to any task, the button set of the dialog will be moved to the middle.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/14/2015 14:549/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1115BugMediumDisable the add Discharge save button on the submit.* try to add new discharge from the company form.
* click submit, when the operation takes a long time try to click the save button many time .
* the result: is more than one records in the grid.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/11/2015 15:199/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1113BugHighLog out button should remove the user name and password from cache* When logging out from the system using the log out option. The system should delete my credentials from the cache.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/11/2015 13:049/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1105BugMediumTime logging in tasks should be specific for the selected task only* Time logging in tasks should be specific for the selected task.
* Go to tasks grid, try to log time for a certain task, even though, the value that is inserted to the case logs, is inserted for the creator of the task and not the user who logs the time.
* The following should be fixed:
** Hide "Case" & "Task" radio buttons.
** Disable Task field, make it read only.
** If the selected task is not related to any case, hide the case field.
** If there's a related case, make it read only, so the user can't change it.
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/10/2015 14:009/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1100BugMediumAPI - Remove isLitigation flag from Case Autocomplete* API - Remove isLitigation flag from Case AutocompleteMerged9/9/2015 18:279/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1095BugMediumRelated contacts and related companies display DB error on SQL server* It is now fixed.Merged9/8/2015 9:479/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1093BugMediumBug in the case estimated effort in the edit formscenario:
* try to add a case with estimated effort=12345678 and save it
* go to the edit form of this case, the estimated effort coming from the api function 12345678.00 don't change this value and save the case a failed alert message apppears .
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/8/2015 17:359/23/2015 12:30
LEG-1090BugMediumBug in the API modules.* Create user from the application without changing its language .
* try to call any api function by using poster or mobile app .
* It is now fixed.
Merged9/8/2015 15:149/23/2015 12:30
LEG-884BugMediumArrows are broken on IE9 in Ar* Case Type and Priority arrows are broken on IE9 in Ar
* Also, Arrows in the User form not edit profile
* Status in contact edit form
* They are now fixed.
Merged7/13/2015 15:399/23/2015 12:30