KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-951New FeatureMediumAdd Sample Data Settings and Courts Scripts for KSA* Sample Data Settings and Courts Scripts for KSA are added:
** A script for the KSA courts in Arabic and another one in English.
** Another script for the Task Locations in Arabic and in English that include all KSA regions.
Merged7/3/2014 8:217/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-160New FeatureMediumUser should be able to delete a Note on a CaseUser are now able to delete a Note on a Case after an alert message:
* "Are you sure you want to delete this Note with all related attachments?"

* In french: "Etes-vous sûr de vouloir supprimer cette note avec tous les fichiers liés?"

* In Arabic:" ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ??????? ????????"

*This action appears in the Permissions Matrix in Administration & Setup to be granted for specific User Groups
Merged2/22/2013 14:457/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-922ImprovementMedium"Permission Saved" needs translationThe feedback message is translated to Arabic:
?? ??? ?????????
Merged5/30/2014 17:437/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-956BugMediumPHP Error when click on Sign Out OnlineA PHP Error used to appear when clicking Sign Out Online. It is now resolved.Merged7/4/2014 17:057/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-955BugMediumInvoice# in advanced search is not workingInvoice# in advanced search is now working properly. Previously, there was no filter on the ID.Merged7/3/2014 13:397/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-954BugMediumCase Edit Form need to set Validation Error on Case TypeCase Edit Form now sets Validation Error on the Case Type.Merged7/3/2014 12:377/16/2014 17:11
BMCMS-953BugCriticalError in the count of Active Users in License View and Activate / Deactivate User should be Ban / Unban and Validate License Active UsersThere was an error in the count of Active Users in License View. The Activate/Deactivate User command now Bans/Unbans and validates the number of License Active Users.Merged7/3/2014 10:327/16/2014 17:11