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PrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreated On
BMCMS-865New FeatureMediumSample Data scripts for Arabic are now createdSample data script for the Arabic version is now created to be implemented at the level of installation.Tested5/13/2014 14:28
BMCMS-862New FeatureMediumAdd Discharge of Social Security Section to the Company PageDischarge of Social Security Section is added to the Company form:
*This section is underneath Capital & Shares.
*The lower the level of the "Company Lawyer" is moved so as to get more white space around it and to align with this newly added section.

*The values in 3 languages:
Quitus de la sécurité sociale ????? ??? ?????? ????????? Discharge of Social Security

Délivré le ????? ?? Released on
Expire le ????? ?? Expires on

*The content of the Discharge of Social Security values are all date pickers.
*In advanced search, the terms are "SS released on" and "SS expires on".
Arabic: ?.?. ????? ?? & ?.?. ????? ??
Tested5/13/2014 13:46
BMCMS-846New FeatureMediumAdd A New Field to Case Object called "Case Stage"Case Stage:

Case Stage Values in Arabic:
For litigation: ????? ??????
For Legal Matters: ????? ???????

In French: Stade de l'affaire

This value should be in the form of a drop-down list below the Status Comment:

The Values should come dynamically from Administration & Setup per Case Category and in ENG/AR/FR.
????? ?????? / ???????

The Sample Data at installation
*Reconciliation Committee ???? ??????? ????????? Comité de Reconciliation
*First Instance Court ????? ???? ???? /??????? ?????????? Tribunal de 1ere Instance
*Appeal Court ????? ????????? Cour d'Appel
*Cassation/High Court ????? ??????? /??????? ?????? Cour de Cassation
*Execution ??????? Execution
*Under Settlement ??? ??????? Règlement en cours
*Settled/Closed ??????? Règler/Close
*Dispute ?????? Dispute
*Arbitration ??????? Arbitrage
*Other ??? Autre
Tested2014-05-08 17:27
BMCMS-844New FeatureMediumAdd New fields in a Litigation Case* A new field for Opponent is added in a Litigation Case facing the Client Name.
In Arabic it is ?????.

It behaves the same as Client Name= could be either company or a contact and the user selects from a drop-down list.

* Under Client Name, a new field is also added which is Client Position (????? ??????). Values come from the Admin & Setup. By default we have:
** defendant: ???? ????
** plaintiff: ????

* These 2 fields appear in the form and grid of the Litigation Cases also.
Tested5/8/2014 14:21
BMCMS-892ImprovementMediumRename Internal Reference to Reference # and Est. Case Value to Case Value* The Internal Reference column is renamed to Reference # in Contact, company and Cases.

* Est. Case Value is renamed to Case Value.
Tested5/20/2014 11:51
BMCMS-891ImprovementMediumUnify feedback messages for all Save actions"Updates saved successfully"/ "Updates failed". Feedback messages are now unified in all App4Legal.Tested5/20/2014 11:05
BMCMS-889ImprovementMediumFeedback message to appear when a user is banned/unbanned/activated/deactivated* A feedback message now appears whenever a user is banned/unbanned/activated/deactivated.

* The body of the message is the same as the unified feedback message "Updates saved successfully"/ "Updates failed".

* Users grid has a new Status column after the banned column with two values Active, Inactive.

* Status column now appears in the export to excel and in advanced search.
Tested5/19/2014 14:02
BMCMS-886ImprovementHighSplit the Cases Grids into litigation and legal matters grid*  2 different grids are now created for each of Litigation Cases and Legal Matters.
* Litigation Cases grid and ad search now contain Opponent and Client positions.
* The 2 additional columns are placed after the Client name in the grid.

* The export of the Grids is consistent also. The name of the excel file conveys if it's the litigation or the legal matters grid.
Tested5/19/2014 12:33
BMCMS-883ImprovementLowCase Field in Add Hearing should be highlighted as mandatoryCase Field in Add Hearing is now highlighted as mandatoryTested5/15/2014 12:37
BMCMS-877ImprovementMediumDashboard view EnhancementThe Drop-down list view under the User's name is now enhanced so as to appear above the year in the Dashboard.Tested5/14/2014 13:49
BMCMS-876ImprovementMediumEnhance Case field in advanced search of InvoicesCase field in advanced search of Invoices is now enhanced:

** Case ID is renamed to Case.
** It is now set to Text Operators instead of List Operators.
Tested5/14/2014 12:26
BMCMS-873ImprovementMediumAdd client account currency code field to expense grid and export to excel formClient account currency code field is now added to expense grid and to the export to excel form.Tested5/14/2014 10:08
BMCMS-869ImprovementMedium“System Admin Group” value in default preferences should have multi selectionAdmin & Setup->Default Values->System Values->System Administration Group now allows more than one value. The need behind it is to hide also the IT group and the Logical IT Group.Tested5/14/2014 8:40
BMCMS-867ImprovementMediumEnhance Show All of Reminders* Now the Show All of Reminders doesn't choose by default the assignee in the Advanced Search to be the user.  Hidden filters are not user-friendly as the user can miss out the actual results.

* "Only My Reminders" is added between Quick search and Advanced Search that filters for the user the Reminders that are assigned to him/her only.

* Upon pressing Show All in Reminder form, all reminders are shown with no filters.
Tested5/13/2014 17:08
BMCMS-861ImprovementMediumCase & Task Boards Configurations Enhancements* Enhancements in Arabic include:
** Under "provider Group": ???? ???? ????? (not select some options)
** Under "Assignee": ???? ??????????

* In English:
** Under "provider Group": Select Provider Group (not select some options)
** Under "Assignee": Select Users

* In French
** Under "provider Group": Choisir les Équipes (not select some options)
** Under "Assignee": Choisir les Utilisateurs
Tested5/13/2014 12:04
BMCMS-860ImprovementMediumContact main menu to split into Contact & Juristic ContactContact main menu to split into Contact & Juristic Contact.Tested5/13/2014 10:41
BMCMS-858ImprovementMediumAdjustments in the Arabic Version* The title in the custom fields pages for Company, Case and Contact, are now: ?????? ????????
??????: ?????? ????????
????? ???????: ?????? ????????
* Change About (??? App4Legal) to (?? App4Legal).
* In Company, Contact Details is ?????? ?? ?????. is now ????? ??????.
* The Word Container is now ????? .
* ??????? is now ???????? in all App4Legal .
* Estimated Effort of a case is in [H] is now [?]. Also, in admin & Setup-> Default Values-> working hours-> [H] & [D] are now [?] [? ].
* at the bottom of the grid in English it is 1 of 20 items, in Arabic items is ?????. It is now ?????.
* edit a case and press save you get a feedback message in English "Success". Success is now removed and the Arabic words are kept only.
* Add new task, Case is now ?????/????. It is now like this in all App4Legal. example ????? ???? ?????/????.
* Statuses are translated
** Invoice
draft= ?????
open= ??????
partially paid= ???? ?????
paid= ??????
cancelled= ?????
** Bill
Open: ??????
overdue: ?????
partially paid: ???? ?????
paid: ??????
** expense
internal: ??????
to-invoice: ???????
not-set: ??? ????
invoiced: ?????
reimbursed: ????
non-billable:??? ????? ???????
** Time-tracking
billable: ????? ???????
internal: ??????
to-invoice: ???????
invoiced: ?????

* Invoice is now dealt with as a feminine entity in Arabic. example ??????? ??? ??????.
* In 3 statement reports in money module in Arabic it says Reports Filters. They are now translated for the three.
* Time tracking if internal or billable, on grid the statuses are now translated.
* On the tasks and cases grids, the name of the columns contain [H]. It is now translated as in the time tracking grid.
* In task and case grids, priority is now translated on the grid, also in the Reports module.
* In Cases and tasks grid, archived yes or no are now translated.
* If the Case Value is not entered, it appears as null in the grid. It should is now translated.
* In Contacts Per Group Of Companies Report, ??????? is corrected to be ???????.
* In reports module, cases whether litigation or not, yes or no is now translated to Arabic.
* Company Status is now ????? ?? ??? ?????.
* ????? ????? ??????? needed a space and it's now correct.
* The feedback message when editing a company is now enhanced: ?? ??? ????? ?????? ????? to ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?????.
* ????? ?????? ??????? ?????? needed a slash + ?????.... and it is now fixed.
* ????? is changed to ?????. also in export of grids.
* If the partner commission is allowed but the account is not set, the feedback message contains the word warning. It is now translated.
* Try to delete an item from Admin & Setup that belongs to a case: ?? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?
? ???? "???????. It is now ?? ????? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ????/?????
* ??????? is changed to ??????? in the Reports module (inside also).
* Creation date in advanced search of Contacts should be ????? ???????.
Tested5/13/2014 10:06
BMCMS-852ImprovementMedium"Archived" by default should be set to "No" in Case Grid & Task Grid results"Archived" by default is set to "No" in Case Grid & Task Grid results and also in the advanced search.Tested5/12/2014 14:15
BMCMS-851ImprovementMediumAdd a pop-up window for the case expenses and time-tracking expenses to enhance the Invoice* The tool now doesn't allow adding a case ID without a client Account.

*Once the client account is added, the tool will filter the cases that are related to this client. They are displayed in a drop-down list.

* After inserting the client account and case id and generating all related expenses and time tracking, if the user edits any of the client name, the tool clears everything including the Case ID.

 *After the alert message that generates all expenses and time tracking, a poop-up window appears where all the expenses and time logs, that are Not-set or to-invoice, appear so that the user may change the billing status.

* There is a multi-selection in order to change the billing status using an action wheel.

* There is also a bulk selection at the pop-up window where all the billing statuses change all at one time.
Tested5/12/2014 13:38
BMCMS-839ImprovementMediumEnhance the Date and Time picker in a CaseOnce the user sets the arrival date and due date, if the user wishes to change the arrival date, the tool does not allow the user to choose a date that exceeds the due date that was previously assigned.Tested5/7/2014 14:47
BMCMS-831ImprovementMediumQuick Search on Company should search on Company Short Name alsoQuick Search on Company now searches on Company Short Name also.Tested5/2/2014 15:39
BMCMS-815ImprovementMediumTime zone for every instanceNow there's the ability to select a time zone for every instance as per the desire of the user.Tested4/23/2014 17:26
BMCMS-787ImprovementMediumBoard Members Enhancement* ????? is renamed to  ???

* On the level of board member form, new field called Permanent Representation is added with drop-down list (yes, no, not-set).

* In the 3 languages: Représentation Permanente, ???? ????, and Permanent Representation.

* The default value in the existing clients is not-set.

* This field is not mandatory.

* It appears in the grid after Role.

* In the add form it's under Role.

* Also, In the grid of the Board Members "Till date" is changed to "Until".

* This column appears in the results of the Board Member Finder Report.
Tested4/1/2014 12:30
BMCMS-173ImprovementVery LowShares Movement History by Date. Current shareholders should be sorted by Number of Shares Descending.In table "Current shareholders", the list is sorted by Number of Shares Descending.

* The same is also fixed for Shares by Shareholder report and Shareholders' Votes Report.
Tested3/1/2013 12:34
BMCMS-893BugMediumReports give Database errorReports gave Database Error but are now fixed, which are:
**Cases Per Assignee Per Status
**Cases Per Assignee Per Due Date
**Cases Per Company Per Assignee
Tested5/20/2014 15:11
BMCMS-890BugMediumFlagging the company as Inactive doesn't appearWhen the user flags the company as inactive, it is not saved as it didn't use to appear at the top bar in the status of a company. It is now fixed.Tested5/19/2014 14:15
BMCMS-888BugMediumAdd a new column on the Manage Users grid: Last Login* A new column on the Manage Users grid is added which is "Last login".

* This field is present in the Advanced Search and in the Export to Excel.
Tested5/19/2014 13:34
BMCMS-887BugHighManage Users grid is too slow to openManage Users grid was too slow to open and it is now fixed.Tested5/19/2014 13:13
BMCMS-885BugMediumCorrect time in Time tracking is not showing Task/CaseWhen the user tries to Correct the time, the tool didn't return the task/case that was already inserted. It's now fixed.Tested5/19/2014 10:39
BMCMS-880BugMediumAdvanced Search of Case does not Filter per Category (Litigation / Legal Matter)* Advanced Search of Case now does not Filter per Category (Litigation / Legal Matter).

* When set filters in advanced search of litigation case or legal matter, the results does not filtered by case category.
Tested5/14/2014 14:07
BMCMS-879BugMediumEstimated Effort appears to be .00 on SQL serverIn Cases grids, Cases form (Effort), Tasks grids, and in the Reports the effort used to appear as .00 on SQL server. It's now fixed.Tested5/14/2014 14:06
BMCMS-875BugMediumComments in Grids should be broken downIf the user inserted a long text in the Status comments in a case or in the Log Time form, it used to appear in the grid and break it. Now it is broken down.Tested5/14/2014 11:28
BMCMS-874BugMediumExport of Case grid shows wrong columnsThe columns that appear in the export to excel of the grid of Cases are now aligned with the ones that appear in the grid.Tested5/14/2014 11:06
BMCMS-868BugMediumTranslate the content of the Notification Email generated on creation of task and hearingThe content of the Notification Email generated on creation of Task or Hearing is now translated to Arabic.Tested5/14/2014 8:40
BMCMS-866BugMediumCase field in hearing form should look up only litigation CasesCase field in hearing form now looks up only litigation Cases.Tested5/13/2014 15:19
BMCMS-859BugMediumWrong Task look up when inserting a string starting with "T"Entering a 3-digit string starting with the letter "T" used to look up all the Tasks in the system. It is now fixed in all Advanced Searches and Related Tasks in the reminder form.Tested5/13/2014 10:39
BMCMS-856BugMediumAbility to edit the Reminder Type HearingNow, the Reminder Type that is Hearing can be edited by the user.Tested5/13/2014 9:52
BMCMS-854BugMediumMake Case field Lookup in advanced search of List HearingsA Case field Lookup is to added to the advanced search of List Hearings.Tested5/12/2014 17:27
BMCMS-853BugVery LowChange ID in the Case Container gridIn the Case Container grid, the ID is now in capital to align with the other grids.Tested5/12/2014 15:10
BMCMS-848BugMediumWrong Case look up when inserting a string starting with "C"Entering a 3-digit string starting with the letter "C" used to look up all the Cases in the system. It is now fixed in the following:

*Expense form, Bills and Invoices
*Related Cases
*Task Boards
*Legal Case Related Container
*Legal Case List Hearing
*Cases (Legal Matters & Litigation)
*All Advanced Search
Tested5/9/2014 14:17
BMCMS-847BugMediumAdd comments field to expense grid and export to excel formA new comments field is added to the Expense grid and export to excel form.Tested5/9/2014 13:59
BMCMS-843BugMediumEnhance the Font in the Arabic Version*The font family for the Arabic version of App4Legal is enhanced to look like the English font.

*The design is also reviewed so that it is not broken.
Tested5/8/2014 13:08
BMCMS-842BugMediumFix Arabic Terms in a Litigation caseTranslation to Arabic includes:
Case Type: ?????
Provider Group: ???? ?????
Case Priority: ????????
Case Status: ?????
Arrival Date: ????? ???????
Closed on: ????? ???????
Internal Reference: ??? ????? ???????
Case Details: ????????
Status Comment: ??????? ?????
?Start typing: ????
Description: ???????
Estimated Case Value: ?????? ??????? ???
Effort: ?????
Custom Fields: ?????? ????????
Outsourcing To Lawyers:??????? ??? ????? ?????
Notes History: ?????????
Client Name: ??????
Related: ????????
Events: ????? ??????
Case Container: ???????
Priority: ????????
Privacy: ????? ?? ??? ?????
Related Contributors: ????????? ?Subject: ???????

*Also such values appear in other grids such as Case Subject to be translated properly in Arabic
Tested5/8/2014 13:07
BMCMS-841BugMediumFix Arabic Terms in a Legal MatterTranslation to Arabic includes:
Case Type: ?????
Closed on: ????? ???????
Internal Reference: ??? ????? ???????
Priority: ????????
Provider Group: ???? ?????
?Start typing: ????
Status Comment: ??????? ?????
Description: ???????
Estimated Case Value: ?????? ??????? ???
Effort: ?????
Custom Fields: ?????? ????????
Outsourcing To Lawyers:??????? ??? ????? ?????
Notes History: ?????????
Related: ????????
Case Container: ???????
Arrival Date: ????? ???????
Case Priority: ????????
Case Status: ?????
Case Details: ????????
Privacy: ????? ?? ??? ?????
Related Contributors: ?????????
Description: ???????
?Subject: ???????
Client Name: ??????

*Also such values appear in other grids such as Case Subject are translated properly in Arabic.
Tested5/8/2014 13:04
BMCMS-840BugMedium"Permission not Allowed" message generated when the user tries to show users list or permission to group "System Administrator""Permission not Allowed" message was generated when the user has granted permissions and tries to show users list or permission to group "System Administrator". Now it's fixed. The user may view the permission of the "System Administrator".Tested5/8/2014 9:24
BMCMS-794BugMediumFix Add Company on the fly under Invoice to be SelectedWhen the user add on the fly a Company that is not found in the database, the page used to reload and the Company wasn't selected. The problem is now fixed.Tested4/7/2014 12:28
BMCMS-450BugMediumEnhance Case Add Page to be compatible with the design of Case Edit Page* The Case Add Page is enhanced so that it is compatible with the design of Case Edit Page.

* Borders are set to the container of the page.

* Tab name is set on the top of page.

* These additions are applicable only to the add page and not on popup page (on the fly).
Tested8/21/2013 14:20