KeyIssue TypePrioritySummaryDescriptionStatusCreatedUpdated
BMCMS-915New FeatureMediumFlag User to Change Password at Next Login* User to Change Password flag at next login:
** A new action is added to Users Grid called "Flag to Change Password".
** This flag will force the user to change his password at Next login.
** When the user logs in and changes the password, the flag will be disabled.
Merged5/29/2014 13:065/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-916ImprovementMediumAdapt Attachment being "Shared With" Action in User Group Permissions* Attachments being "Shared With" Action in User Group Permissions:
** "Hide / Share Attachment" is renamed to "Attachment Shared With"
** This action is removed from the list of User Group Permissions of the "User".
Merged5/29/2014 18:445/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-908ImprovementMediumEnhance Case Add Form (Litigation and Legal Matter)*Case Add Form enhancement (Litigation and Legal Matter):
** The title of pop-up is renamed to "Add Litigation Case" and "Add Legal Matter"
** "Case Value" is added under Client Position in Litigation form and under Estimated Effort in Legal Matter form.
** When "Private" checkbox is clicked, the box of watchers is shown. This box is show / hide based on the click of the check-box.
** "Case Stage" is moved to above "Case Priority" and the other fields are pushed down.
Merged5/27/2014 12:505/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-907ImprovementMediumRemove User ID field in User Advanced Search* User ID field in User Advanced Search in Users Grid is removed to avoid confusion.Merged5/27/2014 12:445/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-906ImprovementMediumAdjust the Case Subject Container length in all Case Tabs under logs to be in one line ( > 145 characters)

*The Case Subject Container length is adjusted in all Case Tabs under logs to be in one line ( > 145 characters).

Merged5/26/2014 16:595/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-904ImprovementMediumAdjust Arabic Technical Words* Arabic Technical Words are adjusted:
** ????????? to ?????????
** ???????? to ????????
** ???????? ????????? to ???????? ?????????
Merged5/26/2014 16:325/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-901ImprovementMediumAdd "Case Assignee" to Default Preferences Values under Provider Group* "Case Assignee" field is added to Default Preferences Values under Provider Group.
* This value is set in Case Add Form with Provider Group.
* Case Assignee list is fetched when the Provider Group field is changed in default values.
Merged5/23/2014 18:165/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-899ImprovementMediumEnhance Add Juristic Company Form under Audit Company Form* Add Juristic Company Form is enhanced under Audit Company Form:
** Company Category field is removed.
** "Company Name" is renamed to "Name".
** Pop-up window is resized.
** "Add Audit Company" is renamed to "New Juristic Contact".
Merged5/23/2014 17:515/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-898ImprovementLowAmendments to the List of Lebanese Courts in Sample Data* The List of Lebanese Courts in Sample Data is amended:
** The lists of Governorates and districts are added to sample data Lebanon courts:
*** Beirut Governorate ?????
*** Nabatieh Governorate (Jabal Amel) ???????
**** Bint Jbeil ??? ????
**** Hasbaya ??????
**** Marjeyoun ???????
*** Beqaa Governorate ??????
**** Baalbek ?????
**** Hermel ??????
**** Rashaya ?????
**** Western Beqaa (al-Beqaa al-Gharbi) ?????? ??????
**** Zahle ????
*** North Governorate (al-Shamal) ??????
**** Akkar ????
**** Batroun ???????
**** Bsharri ????
**** Koura ??????
**** Miniyeh-Danniyeh ?????? - ??????
**** Tripoli ??????
**** Zgharta ?????
*** Mount Lebanon Governorate (Jabal Lubnan) ??? ?????
**** Aley ?????
**** Baabda ?????
**** Jbeil ????
**** Chouf ?????
**** Keserwan ??????
**** Matn ?????
*** South Governorate (al-Janoub) ??????
**** Jezzine ????
**** Sidon (Saida) ????
**** Tyre (Sur) ???
** ??????? ?????????? - ???? ????- ??????? is changed from Beirut to North.
** ??????? ???????? - ???? ????- ????? is added as a new Court Type.
** ????? ??????? is changed to Third Degree and in one location only Beirut.
** ????? ????????? is added to all governorates.
** ????? ???? ?????? is added and in all districts.
Merged5/22/2014 17:145/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-897ImprovementMediumEnhance Hearing Object (Grids and Form)- Hearing Object (Grids and Form) Enhancement:

* The opponents now appear correctly in the hearing form.
* Opponents are now looked up from Juristic Contacts, Companies and Contacts.
* ?????? is renamed to ????? and ??????? to ??????
* Another section in the Hearings Form is added which is the "Clients". Clients are looked up from Contacts, Juristic Contacts and Companies.
* The Grid of Hearings is enhanced to include Clients as well as the Advanced Search and List Hearings.
* In List Hearings grid, "Only My Hearings" checkbox is added between Quick Search and Advanced Search that filters the user to the Lawyers of Hearing.
* The columns of grid are reordered in the view and export to excel such as:
** Date / Time / Postponed To / Time / Reference / Case ID / Case Subject / Clients / Client Position / Opponents / Lawyers / External Lawyers / Judges / Summary / Comments / Court Type / Court Degree / Court Region / Court.
* Case related data is fetched (assignee, judges, ext. lawyers, opponent, client and courts) when the case is added in hearing form.
* "Add Opponent Form" on the fly is now enabled when no results appear in the lookup of opponents field.
** A pop-up window appears that has :Type (Company / Contact), Name (or First Name and Last Name), and all contact details.
Merged5/22/2014 10:215/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-896ImprovementMediumAdapt Sample Data Settings for Installation Script (Core & Money) in MYSQL & MSSQL* Sample Data Settings are now adapted for Installation Script (Core & Money) in MYSQL & MSSQL:
** Core
*** Arabic common script
**** Emirates
**** Lebanon
*** English common script
**** Emirates
**** Lebanon
** Money
*** Common Script
**** Emirates
**** Lebanon
Merged5/21/2014 12:075/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-894ImprovementMediumImproving Arabic language in Money module and other* Account type are translated to Arabic.
Asset: Biens
Bank ??? Banque
Cash ???? Espèces
Fixed Asset ???? ????? Immobilisations
Other Asset ???? ???? Autres Biens

Cost of Goods Sold ???? ??????? ??????? Coût des marchandises vendues
Expense ????? Dépenses
Other Expense ????? ???? Autres Dépenses

Credit Card ????? ?????? Carte de crédit
Long Term Liability ???? ????? ????? Dettes à long terme
Other Liability ???? ???? Autres Dettes

Equity: Actions
Equity ???? ????? Actions

Income: Revenus
Income ??????? Revenus
Other Income ??????? ???? Autres Revenus

* Export of Grids now gives the name of the grids in Arabic.

* Upload a file that is not supported on App4Legal or a large file, the error message is translated to Arabic.

*????? ???????? ?????? in the Admin & Setup needs a space. It is now fixed.

* ???? ?????? is renamed to ??? ?????? in Admin & Setup

* In Case and Task Board configuration, if the user clears the statuses under a column, the writing is now in Arabic instead of English.

* Account category / account types are now translated:
Third Party / Supplier ????/??? ???? Tiers / Fournisseur
Third Party / Client ????/??? ???? Tiers / Client
Third Party / Personnel ???? ????????/??? ???? Tiers / Personnel
Third Party / Partner ???? /??? ???? Tiers / Partenaire
Merged5/20/2014 16:285/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-920BugMediumChoose Open location of a document doesn't work* Open Location didn't work before if the folder name contained single quotation. Now it is fixed.Merged5/30/2014 14:045/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-919BugMediumWrong size of related documents in Kb

The size is now shown correctly.

Merged5/30/2014 14:025/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-918BugMediumLocation Field in all Attachments Grids contains "null" value on the root using MSSQLLocation Field in all Attachments Grids used to contain "null" value on the root using MSSQL. It is now fixed.Merged5/30/2014 12:465/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-917BugMediumChange Password Form Generate Error related to History Check X Passwords- Change Password Form used to generate error related to History Check X Passwords. Now it is fixed.
* PHP error in Arabic and French language was received if the last X password was used. Now it is fixed.
* Validation Error is set to be in red.
* "Success" / "Error" were removed from feedback messages.
* Allowed password to x, now functions properly.
Merged5/30/2014 12:305/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-910BugMediumOperator "=" not working in the date fields in Users Advanced Search (Creation Date, Last Login and Last Modified On)- Operator "=" was not working in the date fields in Users Advanced Search (Creation Date, Last Login and Last Modified On). Now it is fixed.Merged5/27/2014 16:485/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-909BugMediumShareholders Percentage in a company is wrongWhen the user transfers shares from one shareholder to another the percentage used to be calculated wrongly. Now it is fixed.Merged5/27/2014 15:505/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-905BugMediumCase Print View generates an error on comments field on "Outsourcing To Lawyers"* Case Print View used to generate error on Comments field on "Outsourcing To Lawyers"; in case the contacts were not set while the Outsourcing To Lawyers were set. Now it's fixed.Merged5/26/2014 16:385/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-903BugMediumUser ID in Users Grid does not equal the ID in the exported excel view* User ID in Users Grid was not equal to the ID in the exported excel view. Now it is fixed.Merged5/26/2014 15:105/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-902BugMediumUsers Grid Columns does not matched with the Exported View to Excel* Users Grid Columns did not used to match with the Exported View to Excel. Now it is fixed.Merged5/26/2014 15:025/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-900BugMediumAdd "Last Modified By" field to Users Grid and Form

* "Last Modified By" field to Users Grid and Form is added:
** "Created By" field is renamed in Advanced Search to "Last Modified By".
** This new field is added to the grid columns and export to excel list view.
** This new field is updated accordingly after every save (add / edit / clone) by logged in use's ID.

Merged5/23/2014 17:565/30/2014 19:35
BMCMS-884BugMediumSummary of Reminders in Grid should be broken down*A large summary of a reminder is now broken down in the grid view.
*Also, if a Task is related to a Reminder and the related Task has a huge description, it is broken down in the grid.
Merged5/15/2014 13:575/30/2014 19:35