Company Shareholder Votes report requests the user to choose the Company in question. Once the Company is chosen, the Report will display the Number of Votes by Shareholder. For instance: 
Note that Company Shareholder Vote Factor and Company Shareholder Vote Year are managed in the Admin & Setup-> Setup & Configuration-> Default Values. These values may vary from one country to another. 
From the top right of the screen, you can print this Report.

Shareholder Finder report requests the user to choose the type of the Shareholder in question be it a Company or a Person and then to insert the Name of the Shareholder. This report will give all the Location where this Company/Contact is a Shareholder in. For instance:

This report will centralize all the expiry dates of Companies. The report will display the Company ID, Company Name, Company Legal Type, Type of Discharge, Released on, Expires On, Nationality of the Company and the user who is Reminded. For instance:
The report has an Advanced Search feature and can be exported to Excel.